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Our unique approach to Walnut Drying

Fast and uniform walnut drying requires precise engineering work. NutVision Walnut Drying Systems are designed to use a higher air flow-rate compared to almost all other brands, and comes with technologies that allows precise levels of air to be delivered to each of your drying bins, resulting in a fast, uniform and cost effective drying operation. Our bins are equipped with many technologies that makes them run in full autonomy mode.​​​

Installation of NutVision Walnut Processing line in Gonuts - Sociedade Agrícola, S.a. em SANTARÉM PORTUGAL



Our Walnut Drying Lines come with the following characteristics and

features that can be crafted according to your specific needs


We believe that your system should be built to last for many years.  That is why, we put together the highest level of quality parts and materials in building strong, reliable drying lines utilising the most advanced technologies found in the industry today.

  • Heavy galvanised steel structure for resistance to corrosion

  • Painted exterior

  • Two-levelled walk platforms with handrails and reinforced steel non-slip surface.

  • Vibrator controlled, "easy discharge system"

  • "Safe drop" walnut delivery shoots with air flow canals

  • Integrated tandem heaters, (two for each drying line), controlled by DPC - Drying Process Controller

  • Discharge Gate sensors for each bin.

  • Bin filling warning alarm.

Air Delivery

Precise air delivery to each bin is the key to uniform drying. To ensure this we rely on technologies and innovative engineering that standardise the amount of delivered air to each bin at all times, rather than making estimates or operating with averages. It is the air passing through the layers of walnut that removes the moisture away and in every NutVision Drying Line, heat is only used, when needed, to reduce the relative humidity of the air delivered, ensuring a fast, low-consumption drying process.

  • Individual fan system with integrated air dampers for independent, efficient and Precise Air Delivery for each bin

  • Standardised high air-flow rate for each bin.

  • DPC - Dryer Process Controller managed two-level, speed controlled air intake fans for each line, operating according to the number of bins in drying mode, determining the optimum air intake of the drying line.

  • A much higher rate of efficiency compared to conventional "single fan" drying lines that rely on reducing the fan speed, creating serious inefficiencies at less than full load. 

DPC - NutVision Drying Process Controller

An efficient drying system relies on constant data collection and making of minor adjustments.  Thanks to our touch screen "Drying Process Controllers" installed both on floor as well as bin levels, NutVision drying systems make these adjustments for you, constantly, reliably.

  • Automated, computer controlled loading gates,

  • Individual accummulated drying time registers for each bin,

  • Auto shut-off timer programmable for each bin, each line or the entire drying system, 

  • Integrated moisture level sensors on each bin - upper and lower.

  • Bin full/empty sensors

  • Humidity, temperature, CO and CO2 sensors gathering real-time information of the drying room as well as the outside.

  • Integrated conveyor and gate controls, that allow single button control for the entire nut flow

  • Integrated, remotely accessible touch screen Drying Process Controller in two levels operating in 3 languages.

  • Visual and Audio warning system for the operator

Heating & Energy Efficiency

One of the key elements that differentiates NutVision drying systems to other systems in the market is the fact that they operate in lower temperatures while still minimising drying cycles and energy used per unit of dried walnut.

Our unique approach to air delivery allows us to prioritise precision of airflow and drying room air circulating, reducing the need to increase air temperature, reducing energy used.

While the speed and working load of every electrical motor and heater can be reduced electronically, this electronic reduction usually results in inefficiencies below a certain load.  Thanks to our individual fan system for each bin and our Tandem Heaters in each drying line, all controlled by our custom designed "Drying Process Controller", NutVision drying systems always maximises energy efficiency.

Our drying systems are designed to be controlled by or own DPC - Drying Process Controller, that watches information coming to up from the lines and continuously readjust the drying parameters.

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