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Where cutting-edge technology, revolutionary engineering, and operational expertise meet.

NutVision Nisao
NutVision Advanced Walnut Drying Lines
Jessee 10 tons hulling line

NutVision walnut processing product line has been designed and built around:


Operational know-how,

Advanced engineering

and Technology


to generate effective operation, energy and labor efficiency and the highest product quality.  

High temperature walnut drying is known to lower product quality, cause loss of nutrients, promote rancidity and higher energy consumption. 

Can we design a drying line that will operate in lower temperature, create uniform results without compromising drying time

Nisão-NutVision is proud to partner up with JESSEE Equipment Manufacturing.

A nut processing line is not simply a group of machines placed one after other:

Our approach to creating a nut processing line transcends the conventional practice of merely aligning machines in a sequence. We engage deeply with our clients, involving them in key decision-making processes to tailor a design that is not only visually compelling on paper but also operates seamlessly as a cohesive unit in practice. This collaborative effort ensures that the final setup is optimized for performance, reflecting a harmonious integration of each component to achieve efficiency and excellence in nut processing.

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