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Where cutting-edge technology, revolutionary engineering, and operational expertise meet.

NutVision Nisao

Walnut Processing 
meets AI

Imagine your walnut drying line, operating autonomously for a full 24 hours, even after all the operators have left for the day. It would continuously monitor each bin's drying status, reassuring you that everything is running smoothly with periodic updates, perhaps while you're relaxing and watching TV. Should any issues arise, it would promptly alert you, and in the case of critical errors, it would shut down the entire system to prevent damage.


This system would gather data from every aspect of the drying process, including the drying components, the environment within the drying room, and even external conditions, enabling it to make informed decisions and adjust drying parameters for optimal efficiency, even selecting the most efficient source of air from inside and outside


 It would maintain a comprehensive log of the entire operation, tracking not just the drying process but also energy consumption, storing this data in the cloud for easy access to detailed reports.


Moreover, this advanced setup would allow you to assign lot numbers to each drying bin. These numbers would be seamlessly integrated with the NutVision Smart Calibrator, ensuring that they're printed on labels and used to generate even more in-depth reports, enhancing traceability and quality control.


NutVision AI Powered
walnut drying and calibration lines

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