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NutVision Nisao
NutVision Smart Walnut Calibrators


Smart Walnut Calibrators

Calibration is the process of separating in-shell walnuts according to their sizes. NutVision Smart Walnut Calibrators separate walnuts in 5 sizes at a speed of 5 tons per hour.  And while doing so, they simultanelously weigh, label and produce reports that can be customized accoring to your needs.  They are designed to fulfill all these functions efficiently without a single operator. Our SPC - Sizing Process Controller a touch screen computer that controls the entire sizing process, is designed to work seamlessly with NutVision Advanced Drying Lines to share System Commands and critical product information such as Lot numbers and Varieties to give you product traceability. 

Non-stop Operation

With internal depositories for each of the 5 sizes, the calibration operation continues non-stop even when you are replacing a filled box.  With advanced built in algorithm, it can also be operated to have same amount of product in each of the boxes. Label is automatically printed each time a box is full. Information gathered from each box is registered so that it is used to gerenate customizable reports.

High Accuracy

Thanks to its advanced design,NutVision Smart Walnut Calibrator separates your product in very high accuracy according to the size standard that you use. Its sizing structure can be reconfigured in-house to meet your changing requirements, simply by replacing the sizing screens.

NutVision Smart Walnut Calibrators
NutVision Smart Walnut Calibrators
NutVision Smart Walnut Calibrators

SPC - Sizing Process Controller

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