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Walnut production is a challanging activity. But lately, being a good producer is just not enough... 

Nothing makes a greater impact on your walnut quality than your harvesting and processing practices. 

Nisão-NutVision is your source for integrated solutions in Nut Harvesting and Processing Technologies.  From conceptual design to turn-key delivery, Nisão-NutVision provides end-to-end solutions to help you harvest and process your products more efficiency, achieving superior quality while improving your operating costs.

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Walnut Processing 
meets AI


Nut harvesting simplified with

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2.00 m

Discharge of the fruit at 3.5 m of height.

Nexus Cabin with automated controlsHydraulic suspension system on both axles adjustable from the display in the cabin.Enhanced lateral fanWide section tiresEqualizing Vibrating screen for fruit pre-cleaning

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