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Nisão, with its name derived from "Noz-Visão" (Nut Vision in Portruguese), is a walnut and almond grower, processor, and exporter from Portugal. Our in-shell and kernel products are sold with our own brand Nisão (TM), in packages ranging from 300 gr (kernel) to 25 kg (inshell).  We also offer private label products for our select clients in EU and UK. Check out Nisão web site for our product offerings.


​Nisão - NutVision is the harvest, processing and packaging mechanisation division of Nisão, Lda. Established in 2022 in Lisbon Portugal, Nisão - NutVision is passionate in helping its clients to become better walnut growers.  From financial feasibility, to orchard design, establishment and management services, harvest and processing mechanisation design, implementation, and finally marketing your products to wholesaler, online and physical retailers;  Nisão is your end-to-end partner throughout all stages of your walnut project.  Check our NutVision web site for product and service offerings.

Nisão, Lda  ⟨™⟩.

Rua Nova Do Almada 81, S 2, Lisbon 1200-289 PORTUGAL

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